Tips on how to bet without risk

Tips on how to bet without risk

Betting in bookmakers’ offices is always accompanied by risk – even those where the odds on the favorite’s victory are minuscule. The great temptation is to bet without risk, and such opportunities do exist in bookmakers’ offices.

Guest account – an opportunity to play with virtual money

The easiest way to bet in a bookmaker’s office without risk is to use a guest account, playing for virtual money. Many bookmaker companies provide such an opportunity, offering real money prizes for successful virtual money bets.

A guest account in a bookmaker’s office is an opportunity to try your hand at risk-free betting before you start playing for real money. It is also a great platform for testing different strategies and forming your own game algorithm. Betting without risk on a guest account will help you form your own strategy and understand if you need to risk your own money at all in a bookmaker’s office.

No risk betting is a special kind of bonus at a betting shop

There is also a kind of bonus in bookmaker offices as a no-risk bet. The essence of this bonus offer is that the bookmaker undertakes to return to the bettor the funds spent on the bet, if it loses. If the bet wins – it is calculated according to the standard rules, but if it loses – the office returns the bet amount to the account.

There may be additional conditions, according to which the refunded funds must still be won back on bets, but in 90% of cases the client of the bookmaker’s office, who received such an offer can order the money for payment or use them at his discretion. A risk-free bet can be offered to a newcomer for the first bet or to a regular customer who has not played at the betting company for a long time. Also such bets bookmakers offer under significant sporting events.

Risk-free bets

  • Not a bad option for playing without risk can be a no deposit bonus, when the bookmaker generally gives you the opportunity to play for real money at your own expense – but in this case he sets very difficult to implement wagering conditions. 
  • Another option for a bonus at a betting company where you do not have to spend your own money is a freebet or free bet, where the net winnings on the bet are credited to the main account after its successful use.

“Forks” – bets with a guaranteed profit

The third option how to play without risk in a bookmaker’s office – arbitrage bets or “forks”. Bookmakers around the world try not to deviate from the general trend for the placement of odds in the line, but still they can not avoid some discrepancies, on which the fans of arbitrage bets try to play. On individual matches in the line of bookmaker’s office possible situations when create “forks” – the position of the odds on the opposite meaning of the outcome, when the player who has placed bets on both options in any case remains in the win.

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