How Do Casinos Attract High Rollers?

There is nothing that a casino won’t do if it means winning a high-stakes gambler as a long-term customer. The impact on revenue and profits from a single big-time gambler can be astronomical. The most common perks that high rollers want is a rebate on their losses. Usually, big-time gamblers can get at least 10% of their losses returned, with […]

Why Does Esports Attract So Much Investment?

Cybersports betting is developing at a very fast pace and there are many celebrities all around the world who have invested in the industry. But why? How does esports attract so much investment from the rich and famous? Esports is a relatively new niche that is expected to bring about $1.5 billion and attract more than 800 million viewers from […]

Several Blackjack game strategies

The goal of this game is to score 21 points with only two cards. The player’s number must be higher than the dealer’s. If over-played, an unconditional instant loss. For example: the initial two cards yielded a number of 13 with the dealer’s card open, represented by the King. Here you can draw one card in the hope of seeing […]

Tips for winning roulette

Roulette is a game that is 100% based on luck. Without it, you’d be in a lot of trouble. However, there are a lot of strategies and tips to help you win faster and more regularly, to play more serenely, and to bring luck into your net. For the moment, we will give you our advice to play with peace […]

Squeeze: Secrets of Texas Hold’em

Winning poker can consist of more than just the basics. There are many special tricks which, if mastered, can make you into a player who makes a significant profit instead of a small profit. One of these tricks is called a squeeze. The strength of the cards doesn’t matter much, but using a few concepts, combined with an understanding of […]

Strategies for playing in poker tournaments

The choice of poker tournament strategy directly determines the poker player’s place at the end of a particular online event. In this article, we’re going to talk about the most popular tournament strategies that can bring you good profits at different distances. Let’s Get Started! Choosing the Best Strategy When choosing a poker strategy for tournaments, the principle of guarantee […]

How to win at roulette? Top tips

Casinos have several games, including roulette, which is probably one of the most famous. Along with blackjack and slot machines, European gamblers love roulette. In fact, one question always comes up in the players’ mouths: how do you win at roulette? Looking for tips on how to increase your chances of winning at roulette?  You’ve come to the right place! […]

Tips on how to bet without risk

Betting in bookmakers’ offices is always accompanied by risk – even those where the odds on the favorite’s victory are minuscule. The great temptation is to bet without risk, and such opportunities do exist in bookmakers’ offices. Guest account – an opportunity to play with virtual money The easiest way to bet in a bookmaker’s office without risk is to […]

Top 5 bets that have stunned the world

It is worth bearing in mind that not all bookmakers are willing to cooperate with such punters and accept their “crazy” bets. But, nevertheless, history remembers cases when betting shops have been accommodating to their visitors and have agreed to very strange sports bets. Here you can find out five fascinating stories about the most unusual bets that bookmakers have […]