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Several Blackjack game strategies

Several Blackjack game strategies

The goal of this game is to score 21 points with only two cards. The player’s number must be higher than the dealer’s. If over-played, an unconditional instant loss.

For example: the initial two cards yielded a number of 13 with the dealer’s card open, represented by the King. Here you can draw one card in the hope of seeing the coveted 8 or less. With an Ace, which means a 1 or 11, you can take a chance and ask for another one – for a possible 7.

A higher number in hand

With a higher number in hand, the game takes a risky turn. Some casinos require the dealer to stop on a roll of 17. If the customer and dealer have the same number of points, each bet remains the same, and the game continues until the overcall or winnings.

The three strategies are:

  1. You must learn to understand your own intuition. Do not pay attention to the dealer’s open card and hope that he will overcall. It happens quite rarely.
  1. There are many free Blackjack games on the Internet, where you can “get your hand in” and create your own winning system. The strategy, in principle, changes the approach to the game. It is no longer based on luck, only on mathematical calculations.
  1. The use of a card memorization system – sequencing – the most optimal way to win. The essence of sequencing is to memorize the card sequence within the deck. Ideally, you memorize the cards going into the rebound. The challenge then is to keep track of the shuffle and position within the shoe.

Of course, everything is approximate, no exact information is available, but it is possible to assume where the optimal cards are. Sequencing begins with tracking a particular card. But with big bets in the casino, this is forbidden, so you can get a huge prize pool only if you create your own system.

Blackjack online is slightly different in rules from the real game. Each institution adds its own rules, so you should get acquainted with all of them, and then draw parallels.

Blackjack online

  • You need to choose a well-known, reputable online casino that has a positive image.
  • Be sure to study all the game rules. Do not take the first casino. It is better to compare carefully with others and find a casino, where the rules are more relaxed to be able to win more.
  • The strategy of the game is to think through each step and the possible outcome of the event. Need to assume all the possible array of situations.

When unsure, do not sit at the end of the table. On the contrary, it is worth to sit down with strong players and study their approaches. They tend to speak up and share their ideas, and it’s better to be there when it’s crucial, so you can borrow some of their ideas.

It is not necessary to lose a lot of money at that moment, you can pass, on the other hand – to try, and what if you can beat the oldest minds from the first time. As they say – beginners get lucky.

The rules of this game are different. There are many varieties of the game, both virtual and real. There is no universal strategy. But for a standard set of rules, the above is appropriate.

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