Top 5 bets that have stunned the world

Top 5 bets that have stunned the world

It is worth bearing in mind that not all bookmakers are willing to cooperate with such punters and accept their “crazy” bets. But, nevertheless, history remembers cases when betting shops have been accommodating to their visitors and have agreed to very strange sports bets. Here you can find out five fascinating stories about the most unusual bets that bookmakers have accepted from their players.

Football Oracle

During the 2010 FIFA World Cup, a betting enthusiast from Belarus came to a bookmaker’s office with an incredible proposition. He decided to bet around $1.5 million on a handful of 14 qualifying matches. At the same time, the Belarusian indicated the exact score of each match, which surprised everyone around him.

The total odds were incredible – 209857:1. The most surprising thing is that the bet really worked. The Belarusian was able to guess the outcome of each of the 14 matches and became famous for it. Many people were extremely surprised and immediately nicknamed such a lucky guest from the future, who already knew the outcome of the games. Just like in Back to the Future. That’s the kind of “oracle” that could take advantage of a 209857-1 chance.

Goal from the other half

In 2006, a dedicated Liverpool fan also made a rather strange bet with a bookmaker. He made a bet that one of the players of his favourite team could score a goal before the end of the calendar year without moving to the other half of the pitch.

As you have already realised, this is what happened. Already in January, Liverpool met in a cup encounter. In that match, midfielder Xabi Alonso managed to score a goal by launching the ball from his own half of the pitch. It was later reckoned that the footballer had made the winning shot from 60 metres.

Betting on a bite

A Norwegian citizen before the football World Cup in 2010 decided to try his luck and bet that well-known “biter” Luis Suarez will bite someone in the next matches. The Norwegian took such an unusual risk, based on Suarez’s “notoriety”. The footballer repeatedly liked to bite opponents and was sanctioned for it.

As expected, Luis Suárez did not betray his ‘tradition’ even at the World Cup. In the duel with Italy, he firmly grasped one of his opponents with his teeth and gave the Norwegian a handsome win. The winning pot was about 1000 dollars, the Norwegian was happy. Suarez, on the other hand, had to serve several match disqualifications.

A real fan

On the eve of Euro 2004, no one believed that the Greek national team could make it far in this competition. The bookmakers saw virtually no chance of the Greeks winning the competition.

However, one of the faithful supporters was so confident in the national team that he predicted that Greece would win the quarter final with a score of 5-1. In doing so, his bet was very high. As a result, a few days later all of Greece celebrated the success of their national team, and one of their loyal fans was doubly pleased.

Beginner’s luck

A resident of the English countryside decided to try her luck and placed her first bet of her life. She bet on the outcome of 12 matches but selected potential winners purely by the sound of their names. And she did it successfully. And the most interesting thing is that 11 selected clubs were not quoted by bookmakers at all. Their victory was not believed at all.

Thus, even the most accurate calculation does not guarantee victory. Luck plays a major role, especially when it comes to “wild” betting.

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