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Why Does Esports Attract So Much Investment?

Why Does Esports Attract So Much Investment?

Cybersports betting is developing at a very fast pace and there are many celebrities all around the world who have invested in the industry. But why? How does esports attract so much investment from the rich and famous? Esports is a relatively new niche that is expected to bring about $1.5 billion and attract more than 800 million viewers from all around the world in just two years. That is why it is so popular among American celebrities. Meanwhile, Australian celebrities and locals prefer to gamble at Woo Casino where they get 100% bonus up to 300 AUD + 200 free spins. 

Right now the esports remains new and risky for investment, even though it has promising future. While conventional sportsmen train for years dreaming about long-lasting career with secure teaching and coaching opportunity after, esports future is still unknown. Cybersports popularity has grown dramatically for the last couple of years. This has led many professional sportsmen and rich celebrities consider esports to be a good investment project. However, cybersports bettings are now volatile and risky. It is hard to predict the future of esports, but many experts claim that it will bring a lot of money for the investors. 

Many celebrities have decided to risk and invest in the esports industry. For example. Michael Jordan began investing three years ago, while Ronaldo started one year before, investing in one of the most popular esports associations — CNB. Will Smith has invested more than $55 million in Gen.G and David Beckham became the co-founder of the Guild Esports. 

Esports’ Advantages

One of the main reasons for esports’ success is its potential profit as it is currently growing significantly. According to experts’ opinion, esports will bring more than $1.5 billion and attract more than 700 million people. 

Another reason for the rise in popularity of esports is the huge number of people who love and play video games. Often, such people are interested not only in playing something themselves, but also in observing others. It is gamers who are the main fans of esports.

As in any other sport, esports players demonstrate all their skill during the games. While watching the matches of famous cyber teams, you can notice how the players show all their professionalism every now and then, using perfectly practiced techniques. Naturally, they all follow pre-established tactics. It is unlikely that anyone would call esports pampering, taking all this into account.

Many people, watching the game of professional teams, try to apply the techniques they have seen during the game. Of course, such people often fail, because professional e-sportsmen spend a lot of time on training. However, even a simple gamer can learn something by watching how professional esportsmen fight among themselves.

In e-sports, as in absolutely any major sports discipline, quite valuable prizes are often raffled off. This fact attracts people to esports even without people who are indifferent to video games. Many are simply interested in watching how several teams are trying to get a valuable trophy fighting on a virtual battlefield.

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